SEGA at AOU 2010 Amusement Expo

SEGA have a fantastic line up for the AOU 2010 Amusement Expo! For those of you not in the know AOU Amusement Expo is an event held once a year in Japan where all of the top Arcade software developers show their hand.

SEGA never fails to impress, often having one of the biggest and best line ups at the show and this year they do not disappoint.  Apparently this year their booth is huge, so lets find out what they have on show!

With out further ado, let me give you a run down of what they have on show.

Arcade Games

  • Project Diva Arcade – Sequel to the popular PSP game staring Hatsu Miku
  • Border Break – SEGA’s fantastic 10 vs 10 online mech shooter! So cool!
  • Answer x Answer network – Very popular online quiz game!
  • Virtua Fighter 5R Ver.C – Possibly the final version of VF5R!
  • Shining Force Cross – Another popular game in the Shining Force series

Medal Games

  • Arabian JewelWin prizes in this Arabian themed game
  • GunmanThis is one great looking game, very stylish and comical.
  • Advice! SugorokettsuNo idea… Looks crazy and Japanese.

Kids Games

  • MushiKing Insect GutsAnother in the popular kids game MushiKing
  • Gettenka War HistoryUse collectible cards to battle stylish Japanese warriors!
  • Chen Lil Puritsu Bipuruhime Riyu!Aimed at young girls, collect cards, dress up and dance!
  • Ciao Manga StationThis game teaches you to draw in a ‘Manga style’.
  • Magic Pets Glitter JewelPossibly the most girly thing I’ve ever seen!
  • Village Kids Stand ‘Goldfish’A simple game on a table screen, collect fish!
  • Village Kids Stand ‘Marksman’ A simple game on a table screen, shooting!
  • Village Kids Stand ‘Takoyaki’A simple game on a table screen, cooking!

UFO Catchers

  • UFO Balance Catcher – A unique UFO game where you control the crane with your feet!
  • UFO Catcher 8Run of the mill UFO game in a new shiny cabinet!
  • UFO Catcher Double! A unique UFO game where there are two cranes, work together!


  • Hitoappuhokke image – Virtual air hockey, where the table is a screen allowing more interesting play!

Information on all of these games can be found HERE! at SEGA’s official AOU2010 website!


2 responses to “SEGA at AOU 2010 Amusement Expo

  1. Pao says:

    What are the chances of new titles being announced?

  2. Sharky says:

    I would not be suprised if Sega officially announces the sequal to Lets go Jungle at the even. Which is called 'Lets go Island'.

    Also some of these are basically new annoucments such as GUNMAN.

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