Forklift Number 5 of 1000

Ryo's Forklift

It’s here! The major award has arrived: the ‘Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing’ Ryo Hazuki forklift statue. The short version of how I came about the figure: I entered a Sega contest a few months back and last week I won the figure. The figure was limited run of 1,000 was was only available via the online contest, with a handful making it over to Europe and distributed via Sega Europe’s Free Stuff Friday giveaway. Now enough chatter, let’s take a look at the figure!

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13 responses to “Forklift Number 5 of 1000

  1. George says:

    They got Ryo's hair all wrong. >:(

  2. ImSmartUrDum says:


    That is a really shitty looking figure!

    SEGA! You comission a limited edition figure of one of the least cared about least heard of game characters ever and THIS is the best you can do?!

    Come on!

  3. It's actually a very solid build. Yes yes, the paint job isn't perfect, but it's quality for what it is. I think you're over exaggerating.

    You also just jealous 😛 😉

  4. ImSmartUrDum says:

    I can assure right now that I am not jealous, anyone who is jealous of someone for owning THAT should be shot, even more times than the person who actually owns it.

    'Quality for what it is' and what is that? exactly?

    Have you seen any of the Anime and Game figurines that litter ebay?

    They all look amazing. This, does not.

  5. Dude, chill. You're clearly going into a rage due to an extreme fit of jealousy. 😉

    Seriously though, saying people need to be shot over an action figure makes you look like a psychopath.

    'Quality for what it is' = It's a free giveaway that winners had to do nothing more than enter their email for. No loss on my part, so I'm not going to throw a fit over it not looking like some high priced anime figure.

    It's not as though Sega is making money from this promo outside of a little extra Shenmue publicity for increased SASASR sales.

  6. Monkeroony says:

    Pretty nice, you need the pal shenmue 2 case though rather than that ugly black one.

  7. upsidedown fuji says:

    Awesome, at least one of us here got it! Congrats. 😀

  8. Sega Uranus says:

    I agree with Chizzles, that really looks terrible. I am extremely disappointed to the point that I am not sure if I even want it anymore.

    Glad we could get some images of it on here though. It is also pretty neat that you got the 5th out of 1000, just like the number on the actual forklift. : >

  9. I didn't get fifth out of a thousand, check the full article bro.

    related but off-topic: I'm considering creating and selling Goro shirts.

  10. SufferLikeGDid says:

    I won one as well. I'm glad I got it but upon some close observations I think they got his jacket wrong. I don't remember him having a bird design on the back of his jacket.

  11. Yeah, my guess is that they were limited to stencils in a pre-existing library for production, so they went with the closest thing. Either that or Sega didn't give them the best source material. Either way, face him towards you on the shelf and problem solved, out of sight out of mind.

  12. Sybnios says:

    Nice piece especially the collectors value but they could make some more effort building the character honestly know! The hair..?

  13. Autosaver says:

    fffffffffffff lucky.

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