Black Leopard: New Yakuza Chapter trailer

The new trailer for Black Leopard: New Yakuza Chapter is almost clocking in at 6 minutes, tells the story of the upcoming spin-off PSP game.

The trailer shows off how the cutscenes will be played off in the full game. Wondering what the trailer is saying? Well, hit the jump to read the translation, provided by the guys over at Also a look at the voice talent.

Narrator: The city of desire [or possibly greed], Kamurocho.

Narrator: The boy had nothing.

Narrator: No money, no dreams.

Random guy: “Cut it out,”

Random guy: “What are you doing?”

Narrator: And friends too.

Narrator: Power is everything.

Narrator: That’s what the boy believed.

Narrator: Tatsuya Ukyou

Narrator: However

Narrator: One mistake changes the boy’s fate.

Narrator: Murder of a high ranking member of the Tojokai Kuki Family

Mysterious voice: “Last night, the crime that you committed. I was watching everything. I’ll give you a chance.

Narrator: The task that was assigned to the boy who had his freedom stolen.

Narrator: The underground fighting dojo Dragon Heat.

Mysterious voice: “Understand? Fight here according to the match making.”

Narrator: There was one road to freedom.

Narrator: Continue to win

Narrator: Just continue to win

Narrator: The truth that awaits at the end of continued victory

Narrator: Is it hope?

Narrator: Or is it despair?

Narrator: People call it violence.

Narrator: But is it really violence?

Narrator: And even then do you still call it violence?

Narrator: There’s a fate that cannot be opened with anything but my fists.

Narrator: At the end of violence.

Narrator: What is the pride the boy took hold of?

Now that we have that out of the way, we can see some of the voice actors that are lending their talent to the game.

Tatsuya Ukyou voiced by Kengo Kouchi

Kengo Kouchi, as we already know, is the lead hero of the game. A hot tempered teen that is a vicious street fighter, gets into deep shit after killing a member of the Tojokai Kuki Family.

Saki Kudou voiced by Haru

Famitsu described Kudou as a “heroine-like character,” but does not call her a heroine. Maybe there is a twist to her character? Who knows.

Ryutaro Kuki voiced by Toshio Kurosawa

Ryutaro Kuki is the head of the Tojokai Kuki Family family, Ukyou, as you have read has killed one of his high ranking members. The plot thickens when Kuki family runs the dojo where Ukyou fights.

Taizan Amemiya voiced by Koichi Iwaki

No details have been given on this character, but looks like some sort of cop. No one likes cops.


7 responses to “Black Leopard: New Yakuza Chapter trailer

  1. Sega Stylista says:

    So, is this guy Raiden?

  2. Sharky says:

    Game looks awesome… Really digging those cutscenes!

    "So, is this guy Raiden?"

    Nagoshi did say in an interview that he is drinking partners with Kojima

  3. F-D_M says:

    For me is very similar to the latest version of Nagoshi the ego of Toshihiro transships into the virtual

  4. F-D_M says:

    <blockquote cite="comment-880">

    For me is very similar to the latest look of Nagoshi… the ego of Toshihiro transships into the virtual

    obviously this is the right version of the post

    and for Nagoshi look i mean what he sported during the promotional campaign for Ryu-Ga-Gotoku 4.

  5. F-D_M says:

    Another error, i give up.

  6. George says:

    F-D_M, the issue I'm having with WP is that if you post links, for some reason, it asks me to 'approve it'. I will see if I can take all approvals off.

  7. F-D_M says:

    Sorry George, thanx for the expenditure of your time 😉

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