Iron Man 2 demo out on Xbox Live

Want to test the game out for yourself? You can go ahead and download the demo on Xbox Live. You can read my review here, if you  haven’t already.

The demo will let you choose from either Iron Man or War Machine. According to the Xbox Live website, the demo weighs in at 1gb. Make sure you have the space.

[Source: MajorNelson]


3 responses to “Iron Man 2 demo out on Xbox Live

  1. I was very close to making the news post of this a few hours ago, but then I thought I'd be perpetuating the idea that this game exists. Still, I'm downloading it and will have a laugh about it tonight.

  2. Sega Uranus says:

    ^^^Yes, it is Xbox Game Room quality.

  3. DLed the demo, the SEGA logo intro is badass. Played two minutes of the horrible game and shut it off.

    But the SEGA logo into was badass. Best part of the game and totally worth a download just for that.

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