Virtual-On 4 Force for XBLA?

Someone, somewhere has discovered something awesome, Sega have recently registered a new websites.

Currently the site isn’t ‘working’ there is nothing on it, but the URL already gives away some interesting clues as to what’s going down.

Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram sold well on XBLA and it was recently revealed that the game is indeed profitable. So it only makes sense to bring more Virtual-On too the service.

Roll on Virtual-On 4 Force! This is actually the 3rd game in the series not the 4th as you may think from the title. The 4 in the title actually stands for something far, far cooler! Because in VO 4 Force you can play 4 player! As far as I can remember this is a 2vs2 affair.

At the moment we are going to file this under rumour, but even at this point it seems fairly likely.


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