Alpha Protocol giveaway winner is…

The winner of the 8gb iPod Touch is Johnathan Weeks who gave us this gadget. The Rocket Skate Shoe. Here is his description of the gadget:

The Rocket Skate Shoe (R.S.S) is a transforming shoe that turns from your standard footwear into a high speed pair of skates. It is an ideal item on missions where a quick escape is vital.

Each shoe has a single skate wheel in the front and a single skate wheel at the rear. Both wheels are connected to a metal plate that is connected to a hinge. When the “skate mechanism button” is pushed, it releases the lock holding the hinges in place until both wheels are under the shoe where the hinges are lock in place again. Pressing the button again returns the wheels to the side of the shoe.

At the rear of each shoe’s heel are the “boost doors.” When the “rocket boost button” is pushed the doors open quickly and the rocket boost becomes activated. Pushing the “rocket boost button” again turns off the fuel hidden within the soles and the door close.


2 responses to “Alpha Protocol giveaway winner is…

  1. Autosaver says:

    You guys should leave thumb nails to the other entrants. Oh, maybe even having a "honorable mention"

    Mine was epic.

  2. SufferLikeGDid says:


    I agree. Like how Segashiro showed their runner up captions.

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