Alpha Protocol charts in the UK

Alpha Protocol came out on the 28th, the charts ended on the 29th. So how did it do for one day sales? Rather alright actually.The 360 version came in at number 21 and the PS3 version charted at number 24. Not the best, the success of this title will be determine on how it does the upcoming weeks.

Football Manager 2010 is still charting, rather low at number 38. That is SEGA’s money maker as they say. UK loves football.

[Source: Chart-Track]


4 responses to “Alpha Protocol charts in the UK

  1. max_cady says:

    I'm impressed, I wasn't expecting those sales number at all.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    How is Super Street Fighter 4 selling more on 360, it is harder to play with that controller although Capcom did make the most they could from the controller.

  3. George says:

    It is not, just had a boost. The 360 was off the chart last week, this week it charted. Last week the PS3 version charted. So in the long run its selling more. NPD shows that PS3 version is selling more too.

    I also hear that PS3 has the best load times, but 360 has slightly better graphics. I go for load times due to playing online.

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