Help HVS improve Conduit 2 by pointing out glitches from Conduit 1!

Given that the Wii can’t do patches, any glitches that come in a shipped game obviously won’t be fixed. As a result, HVS is pulling out all the stops to ensure Conduit 2 is as glitch free as possible; including using the original Conduit as a beta test for the sequel! HVS is asking fans to send in every glitch they can find in the original game, to ensure that they won’t find their way into the original.

You can submit your glitch reports here. Keep in mind you’ll have to register.


3 responses to “Help HVS improve Conduit 2 by pointing out glitches from Conduit 1!

  1. George says:

    Seems like a good idea, though don't they have people they pay to find this stuff out? Also, what good would knowing past game glitches help in the new one? Isn't it coded from the ground up?

  2. Sega Uranus says:


    Well look at it this way. There are maybe at most 100 people playing an early version Conduit 2 between the developers, testers and SEGA outside of stuff like E3 as opposed to potentially hundreds of thousands of people playing the original game. The fans will always be able to find more glitches because of this.

    As for what engine it is on, I have no idea. All studios create their own development style over time whether they know it or not, so even on different engines their games can end up similar to one another, especially if it is on the same platform.

  3. matty says:

    The Wii can do patches, but only for WiiWare games, apparently. I never really understood why they can't do it for the actual Wii games, though.

    Haven't played the first one, but even if they eradicated all the bugs and glitches, it'll only help so much with so little.

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