VF5: Final Showdown to support Twitter

I thought SEGA was going to be the only company to totally ignore Twitter integration, I was wrong. If there is any game I would would ‘freely promote’ to my followers, its Virtua Fighter.

Users that are playing the arcade version will be able to link their Twitter accounts to their VF.net accounts via PC or cellphone. You will be able to follow players on twitter, without needing to leave the arcade.

Users are obviously scared that their feed will be cluttered with VF5FS content, well it will only tweet your streaks and rare stuff you pull off. Here are a few examples:

“DK’s Lau has just been promoted to 5th Dan at Club Sega Shinjuku West Exit #VF5FS”

“DK’s Lau has put together a 10 game win streak at Club Sega Shinjuku #VF5FS”

“DK’s Lau has earned the “Dragon Wing” item from a Basic Capsule (Rare) #VF5FS”

[Via: Versus City]


2 responses to “VF5: Final Showdown to support Twitter

  1. Sharky says:

    Sounds cool, I didnt know other games were using twitter?

  2. Sega Uranus says:

    Tons of games use Twitter now. I am glad SEGA is picking up on it because we are not too far off from getting basic support of the service on every platform you could think of.

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