Classic SEGA Magazine Corner: UK’s Dreamcast Magazine – September 2001

Welcome back, true believers, to another trip down memory lane. This time it’s back to September 2001 by way of Dreamcast Magazine!

Dreamcast Magazine was an unofficial UK based mag, and as you can see, it stuck with SEGA’s white box of wonder until the bitter end. Unlike last week’s look at SEGA Megazone during the lead up to the Saturn, this magazine is from the darker days, when the Dreamcast console had been discontinued and releases were beginning to slow down to a trickle. You can tell a console is struggling when the magazine cover article is a game that was never intended for it. As you will all know though, the Dreamcast went out with a hell of a bang, and was still giving us a number of great titles to play.

Hit the jump to see tears of both joy and sorrow from the end days of Dreamcast Magazine.

What better way to illustrate SEGA putting the brakes on the Dreamcast than this section, summing up the high and low points of the month. The second month in a row with no PAL games to review, instead this issue was made up entirely of import games like Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage and Heavy Metal Geomatrix. Also a Bleemcast review of Metal Gear Solid, which was actually an independant PlayStation emulation…

Well, here is ‘glass is half full’ perspective then. As told in the wonderful ‘Man in the pub’ style (a regular feature for this magazine, where a ‘man from the pub’ would basically rant about all things Dreamcast), there were still a lot of great games to come… or was there? He mentions Floigan Bros, 90 Minutes, Propeller Arena and Shenmue II. Well, at least one of those is a classic right?

Now this is really something I would like to know. What ever happened to ‘Take the Bullet’? For those who don’t remember, this game was intended to make full use of the Dreamcast’s D-Pad and buttons on the light-gun (something that hadn’t been seen before) and be a game that combined First Person Shooting with Light Gun Shooting. It certainly would have been revolutionary for it’s time, and was an early game that really caught my interest on the Dreamcast. Unfortunately it never saw the light of day, and we’ll be stuck wondering what might have been.

Still we got House of the Dead 2, so I’m not too upset about it.

“Oh man, I cannot wait for Propeller Arena! Did you read that? They just said that unlike many other online games it will be getting the full PAL release as well! Oh joy! What’s that? Oh I got this magazine today, so it’s definitely up to date. Look the date of publish is 6th September 2001. I highly doubt some wild unforseen disaster will occur in the coming week that would render this game unable to be released, you’re just being paranoid now!”

Well, we all know how that one turned out…


7 responses to “Classic SEGA Magazine Corner: UK’s Dreamcast Magazine – September 2001

  1. crackdude says:

    I blame 9/11 for the demise of the Dreamcast.

  2. crackdude says:

    and HOLY SHIT 11.50??! Is that magazine made of GOLD?? How expensive..

  3. I loved Floigan Bros., if only we got a few more of them. (sad face)

    Also, I've never played Evil Twin but I have read about it quite a bit. Was it any good?

  4. MadeManG74 says:

    I've never played Evil Twin either unfortuntely, I've heard good things though.

    Also Crackdude, yeah foriegn magazines are expensive over here. There was no Australian Dreamcast mags unfortunately, so it was UK or nothin'.

  5. crackdude says:

    Oh it was an import.. Okay price then, they always ripoff but we keep buying them 😛

  6. Sharky says:

    I have LOTS of these mags somewhere.

    I think this is the one where the final page of the final mag was a big DC swirl with the words 'GAME OVER' under it.

    I… almost cried.

  7. MadeManG74 says:

    ^I don't quite remember that one, but it does indeed sound sad. I still remember the final page of Official Sega Saturn Magazine (which was also my all time fave gaming mag. It just had a big picture of Sega Rally with 'GAME OVER YEAH!'.

    On a brighter note, on the back cover they had a picture of ClockWork Knight with the words "Sega Saturn: The Game may be over… But the Dream has just begun…" with the Dreamcast swirl peeking out underneath.

    I'll have to include that one in a future 'Classic Mag Corner' methinks.

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