The All Day Dreamcast Party Begins NOW! [party is over]

As this is a day that I’m sure will be filled with articles involving the Dreamcast, I’ll cut right to the chase: In celebration of 9/9, the Dreamcast’s 11th Birthday, both Gagaman of SEGA Memories fame and myself will be hosting back to back streaming Dreamcast parties! His is already in progress and will go right up to when my party begins, so check him out at the link below and then be sure to jump over to mine at 12am-11pm EST (US), 6pm-5am GMT (UK). Make sure to join in on the chat, because what is a party without that?

Dreamroom 2010 UK:

Watch live streaming video from gagaman at

Dreamroom 2010 USA:
Watch live video from Dreamroom on


3 responses to “The All Day Dreamcast Party Begins NOW! [party is over]

  1. crackdude says:

    It was great guys 😀

  2. cube_b3 says:

    I enjoyed GagaMan's videos quite a bit. He played a game which looked like an anime theme Columns I didn't even know we had that on Dreamcast.

    Additionally I just enjoy listening to GagaMan he always sounds so jolly and excited, I've seen all his InsideOut Videos and Rummage Reviews.

    Barry was fun to he showed off games I haven't played like a bus driving game and TechRomancer (which has always been on my to buy list), but Barry was more into playing than doing a running commentary. Soon after he had some friends come over and that was it, I might as well have not been there.

    I felt so neglected, lol.

  3. Thanks for watching guys! The whole day was a blast!

    You can hardly fault me for wanting to play games rather than running my mouth for eleven hours, and what kind of host would I be if I neglected my guests? 😉

    I'm at work on a wrap up article over at DCJY, so be on the lookout for that!

    Until 9/9/11~

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