Vanquish preview video (Spoiler warning)

This preview is in Italian… Thought I’d get that out of the way early. So unless you understand Italian you won’t take much away from the spoken preview.

But I think this is article worthy none the less. Simply for the sheer amount of new game play and cut scenes. Be warned, it may well contain a high level of spoilers. So if you don’t want possible plot spoilers, stay away! But I’ll tell you this, this game looks truly amazing.


2 responses to “Vanquish preview video (Spoiler warning)

  1. Ulala5 says:

    It talks about the plot, who is doing the war and why and the main mission of Sam. Than talks about the gameplay and bosses, nothing new if you played the demo. Btw i can translate if someone is interested 🙂

  2. alimn says:

    Brilliant TGS, well done SEGA!

    Vanquish got more attention…finally I see people

    around talking about!

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