Sonic 4 getting iPhone Game Center support

Despite only being a few days old, the iPhone version of Sonic 4 has already been confirmed to be receiving a free software update within the next week or so. SEGA’s Ken Balough has stated via the SEGA forums that the free update will give Sonic 4 Game Center support! Game Center is Apple’s version of XBOX Live, giving games the ability to have achievements, leaderboards and online multiplayer play (Sonic 4 will not have that last feature, as it is a one player game).  This will come as good news to iPhone owners, as it gives Sonic 4 more replayability outside of the score attack and time attack modes. This also shows that SEGA is committed to updating the game, so perhaps retina display support is in the game’s future?

[Source: SEGA Blogs]


3 responses to “Sonic 4 getting iPhone Game Center support

  1. Orta says:

    Retina display support? It looks bad on the iPhone 4?

  2. Not sure as I use an iPod touch, but I've read a few complaints from diehard iPhone users saying it's not as crisp as they'd wished. Personally I'd prefer an HD version to be released seperately so as to keep the file size down for non ipad and iPhone 4 users.

  3. Monkeroony says:

    Retina display would be nice but it isn't that noticeable, sonic is a bit pixely but that's it really.

    I would like a hi res button though.

    Also will game center offer online score boards?

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