Check this Sonic themed burlesque show

You like sexy ladies, but are you prepared to like them while they put on a Sonic theme burlesque show? If not, forget you seen this.

I never considered how well Sonic music goes with stripping.

[Via: Destructoid]


11 responses to “Check this Sonic themed burlesque show

  1. Centrale says:

    Let's see the fat little plumber try this.

  2. crackdude says:

    lol Centrale

  3. crackdude says:

    And is that some Sonic 4 music?

  4. crackdude says:

    No it isn't. My bad. I'm sleepy.

  5. CrazyTails says:

    casino night ftw

  6. Robbie Rimes says:


    Jesus Christ, they already have ones for Nintendo character and if someone does one with Mario you will be the direct fault of countless people going blind.

    Still curious as to why they used Sonic instead of a female character. Next we need Dr. Robotnik with some sensual mustache action. During the show someone will say "Now let me introduce you to my latest creations" and it will reveal two death egg pasties. Instead of hula-hoops she will random animals equipped with robot parts dance around them. They will have robot parts surgically implanted for the part, and it will be some sort of gritty reboot of Sonic in burlesque form. She will be black.

    Sonicia The Hedgehog: Rise of Dr. Robotnikita coming to theaters 2012 believe.

  7. SkyGod says:

    It really can't get any better then this.

    This is Sonic's secret life? lol

  8. SEGAbits got infinity better with this news post.

    She has a little bit of a belly to her, but I ain't complaining. Gotta collect those emeralds!

  9. cube_b3 says:

    I only watched it cause I didn't know what Burlesque watch. This was very weird I won't find this attractive if it was a normal girl, Sonic theme was just stupid.

    When she first walked I thought she'd do acrobatics or something, something Sonicee.

    That said, the Chaos Emeralds was a nice touch.

  10. crackdude says:

    Thinking about it, Sonic 4's casino music would fit nicely as well.

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