Valkyria Chronicles 3 demo dated, devs talk PS3

The Japanese demo for Valkyria Chronicles 3 is coming out on November 9th on PSN and then you can download it via the official site on November 11th. Reserve 160 mbs for the demo. The demo will be 2 missions, including a tutorial and be fully voiced. If you beat the demo, you will get a special wepeon when you buy the full game come Janurary 27th.

For the demo, SEGA held a Q&A for the developers to answer questions. One of the questions that came up was if the developers ever plan on developing on the Playstation 3 again.

“I personally don’t have any likes or hates when it comes to hardware. I also understand that because the first Valkyria was released on PS3 players want another one on the system. However, when selecting platform, we have to make careful consideration, and with this, the reality was that we couldn’t easily advance on the PS3. However, I want to say one thing: as developers we absolutely did not want to make a PS3 version that simply reused the materials and engine from part 1.” – Shinji Motoyama, Producer of Valkyria Chronicles 3

They also consider this game to be the first sequel to part 1, since they had to go through a ton of trials and errors during the development of the second game, since they where doing it on a new platform. Guys, no one wanted it on PSP, should have stayed on PS3 and not go through all the error.

More facts:

  • Game has to heroines, Motoyama and Ozawa, will have multiple endings. “There are two heroines, so we’ve of course readied different ending methods. However, and I have a feeling I should state this later in a more formal space, we aren’t out to make a love simulation.”
  • Just like part 2, this game will have a lot of sub character story. The expected time just to beat the main story mode is 35 to 40 hours. The sub character plots and other extras add time to that.
  • There will be DLC for the game, this we already knew since Japanese pre-orders already said to include ‘Episode 0’ DLC code. Developers say they want to get fan request for future episodes.
  • As for installs: The game should have a install of 700 to 800mb, if you want to improve loading and the save file will weigh in at 500kbs.
  • The game is hinted to have something special for those who own Valkyria Chronicles on PS3. No clue what yet.
  • We know that cameos in the game will include people from both past games, but it is now confirmed that members of squad 7 will be part of missions.
  • SEGA is releasing a Accessory Kit. It includes: A PSP pouch with the image of the Nameless squad, front cover for the PSP, stickers, and dog tag shaped cleaner.

There will be another press conference for the game on November 9th. Expect big announcements there. Now for some sceens.

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  1. SOUP says:

    I hope the North American demo has the same unlockables included.

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