Sonic Adventure Vanquish Remix

Earlier this week I picked up Vanquish in Kmart’s awesome sale, and I am totally in love with the game. The opening cinematic is crazy, brutal, epic and reminded me of another great SEGA game. So, using the powers of YouTube and iMovie I’ve mashed up two intros into one. Take note that this may be a tiny spoiler to those who haven’t seen the first few minutes of Vanquish and the game is rated M for Muthaf*ckin’ Mayhem. Enjoy!

If you haven’t picked up this modern day classic yet, do so now! The sale is still going on, though the game is out of stock online. So run to your local Kmart and get the game.


4 responses to “Sonic Adventure Vanquish Remix

  1. Sega Uranus says:

    People called me crazy when I said the intro of Vanquish reminded me of Sonic Adventure, but this aligns them up together nicely. Pretty cool job!

  2. Sharky says:

    Totally awesome job Barry! This is superb. I smiled all the way though it. I REALLY liked the end where it shows each character and Sam is in there, good stuff.

    A slight change I would have made is having the lazer beam hit right at the start of the video and all of the other stuff like water pouring out and the wave and monster would have looked like it was the after effect of the lazer beem. Like the beam woke it up or something.

  3. cube_b3 says:

    I think it was awesome, although the absence of Sonic was disappointing, had you figured out how to get him in once the music started I would've given you 2 thumbs up.

  4. Thanks all! Perhaps I'll make a 2.0 with the suggested changes 🙂

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