First gameplay details for Shenmue City arise

Of course everyone on here is waiting to get more information on Shenmue City, especially gameplay footage. Well, sadly we don’t have that just yet, but we did get a little update on what you will be able to do when the social game goes live to play.

  • Search: You will help Ryo Hazuki search Yokosuka for the man that killed his father. You will do this by completing events and interacting with over 200 in game characters.
  • Collection: Capsule toys are back. Isn’t that exciting? You will be able to collect over 100 of these suckers.
  • Game: You will help Ryo by strengthening your dojo and challenge other people’s dojos as well.

Yes, details aren’t 100% yet, so we are all still waiting for the gameplay footage. Come on Sunsoft & YS NET, give us what we want.

[Source: AndriaSang]

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2 responses to “First gameplay details for Shenmue City arise

  1. Sharky says:

    I'm fucking excited.

  2. I wonder when the pay model comes into play? Perhaps one has to spend real money for use with the vending machines?

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