The Conduit 2 Limited Edition exclusive to Gamestop

SEGA has just announced that the Limited Edition version of Conduit 2 will be exclusive to Gamestop. What will you get in this limited edition?

  • 44-page art book: Full of concept art and design choices made to Conduit 2’s sci fi world, weapons and enemies. .
  • “Eye of Ra” device: In-game item that helps you find the game’s secrets in twice the speed.
  • “Gold Destroyer Armor”: A special multiplayer skin based on the main armor.

This version isn’t ‘really’ a Limited Edition, its going to cost you the regular $49.99, seems that this is a ‘better’ scheme than pre-order extras. This way people will have to buy the game at GameStop if they want the extras.

[Source: GameStop]
[Via: SEGA Twitter]


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