List of mini games in Yakuza of the End

Well, maybe taking out hostess to dates (did you know they back you up against zombies?) and killing the undead isn’t your thing. Maybe. But if you played the past Yakuza titles, you will know there are mini games scattered across the city. Famitsu has listed some in their newest issue.

Some of them are returning from past Yakuza games, it is much easier to just bring them over I guess, then coming up with new stuff.

  • Host Club: You like talking to fake women that want your money for attention? You will love this. You can waste your money in clubs in the game, both Jewel and Shine.
  • Table Tennis: This mini game makes its returned with ‘redefined’ controls making it more accessible to the average folk. aka you.
  • Billiards: You can play ‘Nine Ball’ and other modes while you enjoy a hostess doing what they do best, looking sexy.
  • Bowling: You can play against hostesses or challenge yourself where the game gives you difficult splits.
  • Pachinko/Pachislot: Valcano has your pachislots. If you are into this sort of thing.
  • Karaoke: Four main characters will all have their own distinct singing styles. You can not take Goro in and watch him sing pop songs.
  • Darts: You can play cricket or count up, if you win the hostess will give you a kiss. Seriously, that is it?
  • Fishing: Fishing returns with new types of bait. You will be able to find more things in the sea besides fish.
  • Batting: All the target pictures are new, strike the panels and see sexy images. Its like being 15 all over again.
  • Golf: Coming with variety of modes, you will be able to bore hostesses by playing golf. Golf? You ain’t no Tiger Woods.

Famitsu says that the play spots, for the mini games, might be sealed off by hordes of zombies. I guess there will be a lot of dead undead bodies? Make sense?

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  1. SOUP says:

    Looking forward to Karaoke 😀

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