Round Table: Our favorite SEGA Xbox 360 & XBLA games

You might not know this, but this month, the Xbox 360 turns 5 years old. That is half a decade that the machine has invaded our homes. Sure, it was a rough start, but now Microsoft is a big player in the home console business, selling (so far) about 45 million units.

But what SEGA games are worth getting on the console? We, the SEGAbits staff, give you our favorites. You give us your favorites in the comment section!

Sharky’s Picks

Favorite Xbox 360 games (3 listed)


Bayonetta is simply a beautifully crafted game. It captures everything that got me into videogames in the first place and although it isn’t a Sega developed game it sure captures what got me into Sega games. Fast gameplay is the first thing I look for in a video game. From Sonic to Space Harrier, F-Zero to multiplayer Chu Chu Rocket. It has to be fast, fluid and frantic. Bayonetta captures this perfectly, with the vast amount of weapons and moves you can pull off with each. I was destined to love Bayonetta right from the start. The homage’s to other Sega games helps too.


Speaking of beautifully crafted and fast and frantic games, Platinum Games did it again! I freakin’ love it. They say the Japanese can’t do 3rd Person shooters yet Mikami’s first go at the genre this generation and he (and his team) completely blew every 3rd person shooter I’ve played this generation clean out of the water. It’s just so different and fun to play. Again my love for speed and challenge is represented in Vanquish so well.

Viking: Battle for Asgard

Now this one is a strange choice for me. This is far from one of the best games Sega has released on the Xbox360. However I can’t help but want more… It isn’t so much my love for this game, but the sheer potential this game has to be amazing. The concept of traveling the world, liberating settlements, building armies, traversing dungeons and mountains, sneaking into enemy encampments/castles and of course the large scale battles. All of this stuff is right up my street. However, Viking came across as a kind of jack of all trades master of none. Not a single gameplay element was really as exciting or well implanted as it could have been. I’m hoping that the next game from Creative Assembly takes everything in Viking and expands upon the idea.

Favorite XBLA game


REZ is a passion of mine, I know some people don’t see the fun or beauty in it, but I think REZ was an amazing accomplishment back in the Dreamcast days. Back in HD it is more beautiful than ever. Beyond the beautiful graphics and pumping tunes. It’s a score attack version of Panzer Dragoon and I’m always down for a bit of that!

Barry the Nomad’s Picks

Favorite Xbox 360 games (3 listed)


Not only the best SEGA published game of 2010, but also the best game of the year in my opinion. There are so many things to love about Bayonetta. The fast paced arcade style gameplay, the unique characters, the retro SEGA references, the music and of course Bayonetta herself. If you haven’t giventhis game a chance, I pity you.

Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection

Probably the best old school compilation disc ever. Unlike other classic collections, such as Atari Anniversary or Midway Arcade Treasures, Sonic’s UGC provides a rich selection of 48 classics with nearly each title providing hours of play. I could go on and on about what makes this collection so awesome, but I’ll limit myself to two standout reasons: The complete Phantasy Star one through four and some very cool developer interviews.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing with Banjo-Kazooie

What I love about SASASR is that not only is it packed with a lot of SEGA fan service, but also it is an incredibly fun racing game. Sumo Digital smartly focused on drifting, a SEGA racing staple, rather than simply making the game a navigate the track affair. Twenty-four unique racers (twenty-two standard, two via DLC and two more exclusive to the 360) complete with unique All-Star moves makes for many different ways to play. The one negative I can place against the game is that Sumo could have easily crammed in an additional ten characters, of course that’s saying more about SEGA’s strong stable of IPs than it is about Sumo’s development. How about Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing 2?

Favorite XBLA game

After Burner Climax

Who knew that after 4 years in arcades, SEGA would release this game to home consoles? It really is an impressive game, both visually and in gameplay. Classic After Burner rules apply, with a new Climax mode that allows the player to slow down time and perform a sort of Panzer Dragoon multiple lock-on missile attack. For $10, you get an arcade experience in your home, how could you say “no” to that?

charmed699’s Picks

Favorite Xbox 360 games (3 listed)

Condemned: Criminal Orgins

It seems like it was just yesterday that the Xbox 360 was released. As one of the main publishers behind it, Sega has released quite a few games on the system, since its release. While some are best forgotten there are others that I thoroughly enjoyed. Funnily enough the very first Sega game that I deem worthy to be on my top three Xbox 360 games is Condemned. As the 2nd game I purchased for my back then new Premium Xbox 360 system, it was a game that I was eager to play. It certainly did not disappoint as it still is one of the most frightening games I have played to date. Not only was the story interesting but there wasn’t a moment in the game where I felt safe. It was either some crazy hobo jumping out of a corner or birds dropping for no apparent reason. Although the sequel was kind of spoiled by its silly supernatural themed story, it was still a decent title. What was also great about Condemned was the investigation sections. These were always gory and didn’t try to hide any details, in terms of how victims were killed. It didn’t hurt that conducting these crime scene investigations, involved the use of some very neat gadgets either. In all honesty to this day I could play through Condemned again and still find something to make me jumpy. The game is that good and I dare anyone that hasn’t played it, to go buy it and then proceed to play it in the dark.


It wouldn’t be a top three for me without the classy lady Bayonetta. This was yet again another of my highly anticipated titles that did not disappoint. The game oozed style and everything worked like a charm. If ever there was a game that many companies could learn from, then this would be an ideal candidate. For once it was a game where it made me want to try out various moves, rather than sticking to the ones that worked best for me. The boss battles were just insane and it was even a pleasure to do all the timed button actions. In fact I enjoyed the game so much that I played through it on every difficulty, and that includes the tough as nails Climax difficulty. Not that it made any difference because with a game of this quality, it just felt right to keep on playing, even after making it to the end.

SEGA Mega Drive Collection

The final spot is a tough one but it has to go the Sega Mega Drive Collection. I am going to be honest and admit I never got a Mega Drive. Instead I had a Master System 2 when all the other cool kids were playing on their Mega Drives. I went straight to the Sega Saturn after but that is another story. Going back to the collection I was very happy when it was announced for obvious reasons. While I had already played the more popular games such as all the Sonic Mega Drive games(What a shock!) , there were some that I had not played yet. It became even more special due to the fact that it came with a vinyl containing music from the game! As for the collection itself I was very pleased with what was on offer. Even better was the fact I didn’t have to play a title for hours or leave the console on, due to the saving function. It is kind of cheating to choose this game but I really enjoy coming back every so often to continue playing on some of the games. Hopefully Sega will release a few more collections like this.

Favorite XBLA game

Outrun Online Arcade

It is a tough choice but for my favourite Sega Xbox arcade game I would have to pick Outrun Online Arcade. Even though I own Outrun 2 and it is compatible with Xbox 360, it was still necessary to buy the arcade game. I certainly didn’t regret buying it as it is still one of the arcade games that I play from time to time. The visuals are still stunning and it feel great to listen to the soundtrack, while driving through one of the designated routes. It is also the only way to race online now that the original xbox server has been taken down.

George’s Picks

Favorite Xbox 360 games (3 listed)

Condemned: Criminal Origins

This was a launch title in the US for the Xbox 360 and I have to say, its the best launch title the 360 had. Disagree? You’re wrong, sorry. I’m always right. The game featured melee combat over gun play, something that is not the norm in first person type of games.

I miss staying up all night, turning off the lights and having those drug addicted psychos pop up and scare the crap out of me. Good times.

Viking: Battle for Asgard

After being impressed with trailers for the game, I decided to pick it up. After playing it all night, I knew there was something strangely addicting about this title. Was it perfect? No, but it was damn fun and that is what counts. The fighting is simple, but satisfying, with slow motion dodges and flying limbs. It even has sneaking missions.

Not to mention the production values are great. Its just too bad that development on the title was cut short. If it was delayed for fall, it would have been a AAA title.

Virtua Fighter 5 Online

Virtua Fighter 5 was originally announced as a PS3 exclusive, pretty much disappointing lots of SEGA fans. At the time, the Playstation 3 was an expensive 500/600 dollars in the United States. So like SEGA fans, we all whined at them and they came through.

Not only did the Xbox 360 get a port, it got the latest arcade build version at the time (ver. C) and something that PS3 fans requested for their version, online play. This pretty much made the Xbox 360 version the definitive version… unless we get Final Showdown port? Please?!

Favorite XBLA game

Outrun Online Arcade

Sure, we got the (superior) Outrun Coast 2 Coast last generation, but this low cost XBLA game was worth every penny. Why? Outrun 2 is freaking amazing, that is why.  Outrun is the best arcade racing franchise ever. Period.

One of the best moments I had with this game was when I held a community tournament over at SEGA Nerds. Good times. Of course, it didn’t go as smoothly as I wanted.

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11 responses to “Round Table: Our favorite SEGA Xbox 360 & XBLA games

  1. fluffymoochicken says:

    Sonic Unleashed and Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection are the best SEGA games for the console by a WIDE margin. They're God Tier.

    Sonic 4 would rank next highest, then Outrun Online Arcade, then the DC ports (Rez HD, Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi). Vanquish would be in a tier below them, for being a pretty decent gramer title.

    Everything else is bottom tier and shouldn't be bothered with.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    I like Barry's the best it would've been even more awesome if his #1 game was a Sega developed game rather than Platinum Games.

  3. Grant360 says:

    Hmmm tough one indeed. My Personal top 3 and arcade:

    Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing

    Virtua Fighter 5

    Virtua Tennis 3

    Honorable mention:


    Sonic Unleashed (Just started it and really enjoying so far)

    Sega Rally (Possibly the most underrated game on the 360. The intensity of the racing is awesome. and the graphics are beautiful


    Outrun Online

    Honorable mention: Afterburner Climax

  4. Sharky says:

    I'm glad someone mentioned Sega All-Star Racing, I didn't think anyone would. But I'm glad they did because I really loved that game.

  5. AshleyAshes says:

    It'd be nice if Outrun 2006 on Xbox1 didn't run so poorly onn the 360. It doesn't fully support the racing wheel, in that it uses the paddel shifters to log into Xbox Live and change the camera, instead of, ya know, shifting. Ontop of that it renders all blurry (Like textures are EXTRA blurred at any distance) and finally the audio buffer can get stick. I've played it and had the engine sound get 'jammed' in the buffer, so even when I exit to the menu of the game the engine sound is still playing in a short loop.

  6. Sega Uranus says:

    Iron Man

    Iron Man 2

    Sonic 06

    Happy Tree Friends or Sonic the Hedgehog 4, either or.

    (Seriously though, Virtua Fighter 5, Viking, Bayonetta and Golden Axe would be my picks)

  7. CosmicCastaway says:

    Did you like Beast Rider as well Uranus? I thought I was the only person on here who found that game enjoyable.

  8. Kori-Maru says:

    Nice picks, after seeing All-Stars Racing and Outrun Online Arcade makes me want to have a community event again.

  9. geld-lenen- says:

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  10. James Brown says:

    Surprised no one picked Sonic Generations.

    My top 3 would be,

    Sonic Generations
    Sonic All stars Racing Transformed

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