7th Dragon developer teaming up with SEGA again

[Teaser image for upcoming game]

Imageepoch Inc. had a huge conference in Japan where they announced a bunch of titles. How many is a bunch? Like 8 titles, not including the SEGA published one. Now that is a ton of work. They also announced they are ‘publishing’ titles now. But just because they are publisher, they aren’t a developer for hire.
If you remember 7th Dragon, a DS RPG that never made it to America, released in 2009. Well, they developed it. They announced they have another RPG to announce and SEGA will be publishing. The game should be out in the middle of 2011 (So spring/summer?). When the announcement was made, the over world theme of 7th Dragon was playing, could this be a possible sequel?

Most likely the title will be announced for Nintendo’s 3DS platform, since SEGA said they had 6 3DS titles planned for 2011. Will we get this one in America? Maybe.

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One response to “7th Dragon developer teaming up with SEGA again

  1. Sharky says:

    Looks pretty cool, although I'm not sure if the design matches that of 7th Dragon. I'm sure it'll probably be some kind of sequal.

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