Sumo Digital Hiring For SEGA Allstars Racing 3DS?

Maybe, I don’t know. It’s what Go Nintendo seems to be implying at least. Sumo Digital has put out a job listing for a senior artist, and “SSR 3DS” appears to be listed as one of the projects. I am personally crossing my fingers on this one. ASR is one of those games I am hoping we’ll get a 3DS port of. Here’s the job listing in full.

Senior Artist
Location: INDIA – Pune, IND – Sumo Digital
Job Code: 785
# of openings: 5

* Senior Artist (SA L1 to L3) with 4+ years of experience in Game art creations for AAA titles.
* Hands on experience in modelling and texturing in areas like Environment Assets & Characters, except VFX & Animation
* Ability of making Concept Art would be an added advantage
* Communication skills in English.

* Edit – 07 Oct 2010
* Artist will be assigned to Sumo Digital – ARS2, SSR 3DS, Crispins


6 responses to “Sumo Digital Hiring For SEGA Allstars Racing 3DS?

  1. Sharky says:

    How does either ARS2 or SSR = Sonic and Sega All-Star Racing.

    While I'd really like them to be making All-Star Racing 2, I don't fancy it being 3DS exclusive.

  2. Dr. SEGA Monkey says:

    SSR = "SEGA Superstars Racing" = The original name of the game. And I think S0L mentioned once that internally they still refer to the game as "SSR".

  3. Sharky says:

    Oh I see. Well that seems legitimate then.

    Still… I hope it is a port of the original because the last thing I want is the sequal to be exclusive to a handheld.

  4. Per a comment from Shadzter over at TSSMB:

    "Been Google searching, and it seems those abbreviations at the bottom are referring to technical Arcade hardware stuff, including SSR. I think there was maybe supposed to be a comma after SSR, and 3DS be listed as a platform that the applicant would have to work on at the company, or they're reffering to SSR coding (or whatever technical thing it is) on the 3DS."

  5. Shadzter says:

    Yeah, Google searching reveals they're coding terms for hardware such as arcade machines, including SSR. SSR 3DS probably means a part of the 3DS hardware. So, basically the listing is telling the applicant what kind of hardware coding they'll be doing.

  6. upsidedown fuji says:

    Forget the 3DS version, where's the sequel? I need my next SEGA racer fix.

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