PSO2 Minimum Requirements Revealed

With the release of Phantasy Star Portable 2:Infinity in Japan (today) also comes news of the minimum requirements needed for the Phantasy Star Online 2 Alpha Test.

Some lucky people who get a hold of the initial shipment of PSP2:I will also receive a code inside their game case. Others who subscribe to PSO:BB and PSU in Japan can receive the code though e-mail. These people can register their code right now at

You will need to register for a SEGA ID then use the code to log in by pressing the alpha test button in blue.

Hit the jump for the all important Minimum Requirements,

• Minimum Requirements
o Windows XP 32bit Japanese Language
o Windows Vista / 7 32bit or 64bit Japanese Language
o Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 or higher
o RAM: Windows XP 1.5GB or higher
o RAM: Windows Vista / 7 2GB or higher
o HDD 8GB or higher
o NVIDIA GeForce 7800GT or similar graphics card or higher
o DirectX 9.0c or higher
o Broadband connection

NOTE: The Alpha test recommended requirements posted above will differ from the official version.

• Recruiting Dates for PSO2 Alpha Test
o 2/24/11 ~ 5/20/11 until 5PM
• Number of Participants
o 1000s of Players (More may be invited at Sega’s discretion.)
• Qualified Participants
o Participants who live in Japan and meet the recommended PC Requirements.
• Alpha Test Commencement
o The date and time for the Alpha Test will be revealed in the summer.
• Chosen Candidates
o Chosen candidates will receive e-mail after mid June.

Those are some hefty minimum requirements! I guess we can look forward to a pretty looking PSO2!

[Source: PSU BLOG]


8 responses to “PSO2 Minimum Requirements Revealed

  1. ezodagrom says:

    Basically these minimum requirements are a little bit higher than Mass Effect 2.

    If someone wants to know if their PC will be able to handle PSO2, Mass Effect 2 could be a good game to know if a PC could handle PSO2.

  2. ezodagrom says:

    (forgot to mention that there's a demo of ME2 on steam on my last comment)

  3. Fingers are still crossed that it will become cross-platform, but I have Windows Vista on my Mac if necessary. I almost never get on there. It has a core 2 Duo with 3GB of RAM 2.16GHz (Don't know about E6300).

    Maybe this means soon we'll see screenshots.

  4. ezodagrom says:

    @Emmett: The E6300 clock is 1.87GHz, so your CPU should be fine, but…what about your graphics card? Usually macs have low to mid-end graphics card, it's possible that your GPU might be below the requirements. 😡

  5. Thanks, I'll look into that. I know my Macbook Pro at work can handle it, but I hate to use that one.

  6. Mengels7 says:

    My 2008 MBP only has a 6800GT :- Looks like I finally need to shell out for a gaming PC. *sigh*

  7. crackdude says:

    My '10 MBA handles ME2. This is great news.

    But probably these reqs will be a bit more tame in the final version.

  8. Mengels7 says:

    *8600M GT whoops

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