SEGA announces free-to-play game Spiral Knights

Today Sega has officially announced ‘Spiral Knights’ a free-to-play MMO action game heavily based on Co-Op dungeon crawling and puzzle solving and apparently has very little grinding. The game also has real time action and not the boring monotonous ‘target and watch’ game play of most MMORPGs. Graphically the game looks quite sharp, colourful and cartoony, right up my street!

I suspect the game will use in-game shops where players can buy new clothes, items and weapons for real money; this is what will pay for the up keep of the server and has become a very popular business model for MMORPGs in recent years.

You can also play the game before release by heading over to the games official website HERE!

Over to Sega community manager Edward for more details;

“Spiral Knights is a brand new, totally free-to-play online multiplayer game developed by the excellent craftsmen who brought you Puzzle Pirates. The game debuts soon — it’s available for download this April 4th. A constantly changing world with a deep story, Spiral Knights is heavy on teamwork and creativity, and short on typical MMO-style grinding.”

Looks quite cool and as it is free I’ll probably try it out!

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3 responses to “SEGA announces free-to-play game Spiral Knights

  1. ShadiWulf says:

    I'm interested in trying the game, registered for the newsletter.

  2. Fallout911 says:

    I just downloaded it, the servers are down. 🙁

  3. ShadiWulf says:

    I just got done playing it. Awesome game. Love the music too :3

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