SEGA Toys announces Sky Tree Homestar

Sky Tree Homestar

SEGA Toys is at it again, releasing some cool things, and a bunch of very odd ones, like the recently announced “Toylet”. This one falls under the “cool” category (or nerdy, depending on how much you enjoy staring at the stars.).

With only four AAA batteries, even someone half way across the world can stare up at Tokyo’s skyline with this device. The projector shows one of the tallest buildings in the world, the Tokyo Sky Tree, and a few constellations, including the Big Dipper and Orion. And it can be yours for only about $70.



One response to “SEGA Toys announces Sky Tree Homestar

  1. George says:

    This is pretty cool. I always wanted some of their light stuff, some really mind blowing stuff they release.

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