SEGA promises Sonic trailer tomorrow on Sonic’s facebook

OK, so we posted that on the 7th there was going to be a big update. Well SEGA has said it’s going to be a trailer, but for what? We will have to wait till tomorrow to find out. Here is what they teased via twitter:

SEGA: BRAND NEW TRAILER COMING TOMORROW ONLY ON SONIC’S FACEBOOK! Be sure to come back tomorrow to check it out!”

OK SEGA, you win. Color me excited. What do you guys think this trailer will be? Sonic Generations or Sonic 4 Episode 2? How about if its for something totally unrelated to the game? Then I will be disappointed… Unless it’s for boxers that say “To be this good takes Ages.”


4 responses to “SEGA promises Sonic trailer tomorrow on Sonic’s facebook

  1. Hoping its Anniversary/Generations and not Sonic 4 Episode 2, just because I know people will get all pissy if its S4E2. Also, I'd much rather see what the next big 3D game is going to be.

  2. Sharky says:

    I do not believe that it'll be for the Anniversary game… I suspect it'll be Sonic 4 Episode 2…

    I could be mistaken but it just seems Facebook is a little to limited for the Anniversary game announcment.

  3. George says:

    I don't see why not? I mean, they already have a magazine talking about the anniversary game and registered the domain. Seems like the perfect time to debut it.

  4. Sharky says:

    I just suspect itll be Sonic 4 Episode 2 because it seems like a limited place to put a trailer for such a big game.

    Sega of America seemed very involved with the development of Sonic 4 Episode 1 so it just seems more likely it'll be the next episode of Sonic 4 if it is being announced exclusively on the Sega West facebook page.

    I could be wrong, I wouldn't mind being wrong… I just suspect it to be Sonic 4 Episode 2.

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