Round Table: Our thoughts on SEGA asking Bomber Games to pull Streets of Rage Remake Offline

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After eight years of development, Streets of Rage Remix hit the internet a few weeks ago, only to be promptly removed by SEGA.

While it’s called a remake, its actual content is closer to a remix, developed on Bomber Game’s very own engine. Featuring 19 playable characters across the classic trilogy Streets of Rage games; 64 types of enemies; 83 remixes of classic techno tunes; and 103 stages, the game has clearly had a lot of love put into it, as Bomber Games strived to make the most complete homage to Streets of Rage possible.

Shortly after its release, SEGA contacted Bomber Games and forced them to take down the game. SEGA later issued a statement regarding the matter:

“SEGA is committed to supporting any fans that take an interest in our games, and where possible we do so by involving them in Beta tests and other development, marketing or research opportunities. However we need to protect our intellectual property rights and this may result in us requesting that our fans remove online imagery, videos or games in some instances.”

-nSEGA54’s- Opinion

Can’t say I knew much about Streets of Rage or even the existence of its fan remake. This issue though of a company demanding a fan game be taken down is nothing particularly new; I remember Square-Enix got some internet heat when they did this type of thing a while back. Companies have their own reasons for “protecting” their IP, and and money’s often a big part of it.
And money was likely the biggest factor here, as shortly after this remake was pulled, Streets of Rage 2 was re-released for the iPhone. SEGA would clearly rather you buy Streets of Rage 2 than to play a fan-made remix online.

As always, though, I can’t help but wish that these types of decisions were made with a bit more tact. It always winds up seeming like a slap in the face to the fan community, and that sort of thing just doesn’t look good in the press.

Cube_b3’s Opinion

SEGA contacting Bomber Games for undisclosed reasons leading to Bomber Games shutting SOR-Remake downloads, has been blown so out of proportion that it has given the game ten times more publicity than it would have ever received (BomberGames website has received so much traffic that they’ve exceeded their bandwith and have gone offline). Every one is talking about it and the game has already gone viral so everyone who wants it can simply google it and find it.

The only problem is the game isn’t a remake it is more like Streets of Rage Recycle, don’t get me wrong I play the game almost everyday while I wait for my TV shows or Movies to download it is the perfect way to kill time and has more replay value than any beat em up I’ve played with unlockable characters, art work and cheats but it can’t be compared to the orignal Ancient/Overworks Master Trilogy (well it is better than the original).

Also note their are plenty of other Streets of Rage fan remixes and even original games (that means they make original backgrounds, sprites and music) I suggest checking them out they may not be as expansive as Bomber Games take on Rage but they will keep you satiated.


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