SEGA Europe gearing up for Sonic’s 20th with back-to-school merchandise

2011’s the year that Sonic turns 20, and SEGA Europe’s making sure that everyone knows it. Heading to retailers in the UK and Ireland this summer are Sonic backpacks and other back-to-school stationery items. Several shops have already placed orders for the Blueprint-designed stationery, including WH Smith, Tesco, Debenhams, Morrisons, and Next.

“I believe there is still a vast untapped potential for licensing based on games, and we will see an increase in overall sales as more retailers start listing the stock and see the results in their sell-through numbers.”

-Sissel Henno, head of brand licensing for SEGA Europe

I imagine this is only the tip of the iceberg. Expect to hear much more about Sonic merchandise in the coming months, especially as his big 20th Anniversary game gets closer to release in the back quarter of this year.

[Source: MCV]


2 responses to “SEGA Europe gearing up for Sonic’s 20th with back-to-school merchandise

  1. Sharky says:

    Good on them, I miss the mid 90's where Sonic was on EVERYTHING in Europe… From Spaghetti whoops to Yo-Yos.

  2. Too bad these aren't hitting the US. That notebook in the center looks cool, I could swing using that at meetings. The backpack however…

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