Yakuza Week – Day 5 of Bowls & Babes

“Practice for your first date!”


We have two prizes today, winners can finally fulfill their dream of eating like a Yakuza with these bad boys!
Prize 1: Yakuza branded Bowl & Yakuza branded Chopsticks
Prize 2: Yakuza branded Bowl & Yakuza branded Chopsticks

All you have to do to have a shot at winning this awesome prize is follow us on twitter, CLICK HERE follow SEGAbits and simply retweet this message;
“RT & Follow @SEGAbits – YAKUZA WEEK – DAY 5 – CONTEST! Retweet to win Yakuza prizes! Info: http://www.segabits.com/?p=12235“

We’ll pick a winner at random!
If you don’t win, don’t fret, there will be another chance tomorrow!

Day 4 winner is:
Of the Yakuza 4 game (signed) and the Yakuza art book is – Vittoriogiorgi


Why you should own this game – Day 5 –Reason 5

Any long time Sega fan will notice that there is something uniquely ‘Sega’ about the Yakuza series. It’s hard to put your finger on what makes something a ‘Sega styled game’, you could be playing Panzer Dragon Saga or Jet Set Radio, two completely different games, and yet you’ll know both have a very Sega feel about them. Weird!

It could be down to the music, one of the things Sega rarely fails to impress with. Or it could simply be that the Yakuza series has game play elements reminiscent of other Sega series. I wouldn’t blame you for being reminded of the Shenmue games or even Streets of Rage whilst playing Yakuza. Not to mention Yakuza games are littered with throwbacks to other Sega games, like music tracks, that only the most hardcore of Sega fans would spot. Or… Perhaps it could be that Sega characters have a disproportionate hand to face to ratio? The hands are always massive. (Anyone else noticed this?)

But whatever it is, Yakuza is undoubtedly a Sega game, and if you’re a Sega fan (and I suspect you are as you’re on Segabits.com) then Yakuza 4 is simply a must.

Do yourself a favor and look at our side bar, over there on the right. We’ve made it easy for you to buy! Just click on that BUY NOW button!


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