Guardian Heroes: Saturn mode vs. HD mode

[HD vs. Saturn mode]

SEGA was under the lens when the first screens of Guardian Heroes came out: the ones that used that ugly filter. SEGA has been saying that the game was ‘re-mastered’ for HD consoles. Putting a filter on graphics isn’t re-mastered… but did they do this? SEGA has listed what has changed, been re-done and has stayed the same.

In HD:

  • Characters – upgraded to HD quality
  • Visual Effects – newly created in HD
  • Fonts – newly created in HD
  • Gauges – newly created in HD
  • Close-ups of Characters (in the character select screen) – newly created in HD

Same as Saturn:

  • Backgrounds
  • Music
  • Story mode


  • Voices – some are from the Saturn version, some are newly created
  • Arcade mode – paths are the same as the Saturn version, but AI’s are new
  • Versus mode – improved from Saturn version with additional rules and a more polished game balance)
  • Extra modes – newly created for XBLA version
  • Saturn Mode: All visuals are the same as the Saturn version except for the font and screen aspect ratio
  • And in the end the game will still be fun, so who cares what the graphics will look like? The Saturn version will cost you well over $30 dollars to buy, and won’t offer online modes. So for $10 dollars it’s a steal. I’ll be playing it in Saturn mode, thank you very much.

    That being said, HD screens look pretty ugly but when you see it in motion it looks nice. But I’m a retro kind of guy.


    4 responses to “Guardian Heroes: Saturn mode vs. HD mode

    1. CrazyTails says:

      That is defenitly not "just" a filter

    2. Sharky says:

      The game looks a lot better in motion, I was really annoyed by the 'filter' when we first saw screens but when we saw the gameplay it actually looked fantastic.

    3. VyseLegend says:

      It looks fine in motion. People be bitchin.

    4. upsidedown fuji says:

      I'll finally be able to own my own copy. I will no longer envy my friend who owns an original copy as much. Well just a little… I still prefer physical copies.

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