SEGA Sequel Saturdays: Astal

[Special Note: Today’s screens are from the website MobyGames and VGChartz. Due to Astal’s age and obscurity, MobyGames’ own screen captures are the most extensive collection available. For now.]

This week’s Sequel Saturday is going to be somewhat different from past entries. For one, this article will be asking for a remake, not a sequel. Rather than asking for sweeping changes in game play, I will be addressing things I would like to see improved in an Astal remake, and how I’d like it to be sold. Now let’s get started, shall we?

Astal is probably one of the best examples of the Saturn’s 2D prowess. It features massive sprites, loads of sprite scaling, extensive use of foreground and background graphics, beautifully designed environments, and a great looking main character. The game is incredibly colorful, and it holds up very well visually even today. On top of its superb looks, the game was also a stellar platformer, more than worthy of being made available on today’s consoles. So, what would I like to see in a remake?

Well, the big, massive change I would want to see in this game is an updated visual look. Games like Rayman Origins, A Boy and His Blob, and the upcoming remake of another Saturn classic Guardian Heroes, are proof of just how far 2D visuals have come. I want to see Astal redone in a similar way. Here’s what they should do with the visuals:

Completely re-do the character sprites. Astal and the other characters look great, but fluidly animated hand drawn sprites capable of holding up on today’s screens are a must. I would love to see Astal fully animated in a beautiful, hand drawn sprite. Make it happen, SEGA!

Use the same backgrounds. One thing I love about Astal is its painted backgrounds. This isn’t the pixel art we typically got back in the day, this stuff was painted, or at the very least hand drawn. I think it’s vital that SEGA upgrade the resolution of these backgrounds instead of replacing them. Please SEGA, do not replace these backgrounds with something more cartoony or cell shaded! Keep the visual style of the original game.

Make it 3D. After I saw the 3DS at E3, one of the first SEGA games that came to mind as a viable 3DS upgrade was Astal. The game uses background and foreground graphics extensively to add to the game’s atmosphere and immersion. This is one of the few cases where I think 3D would add a significant amount of flair to the visual graphics. Please SEGA, put this on 3DS and let us see this game in full 3D!

Make it HD. It’d be a shame to completely revamp the game’s visuals, and then only allow us to see it on a tiny screen, right? This is something of a no brainer, but nevertheless such a game NEEDS to be made available on the HD consoles through their download services. I would love to play it in HD on a big fat HD screen. Obviously, this would mean leaving the Wii and any other non HD/Non 3D console out of the equation, but this is a game where visuals matter a lot.

In addition to the enhanced visuals, SEGA should also make other additions to the game. First and foremost, they should make an effort to utilize today’s online features. SEGA should add a score attack mode to the game, complete with worldwide leaderboards, so that gamers can put their skills up against the skills of gamers from around the world. Players should be able to download ghost data from the leader boards so they can compete against certain times in-game and see how others did so well. Finally, SEGA should also allow people to take control of Astal’s bird and play the game co-operatively online. I’d also like to see a save feature implemented, so that I can finally have a shot at beating this game! The music should remain the same, and SEGA should use the Japanese version of the opening so Americans can finally hear the opening theme as it was meant to be heard.

This is really all I could ask for in an Astal remake. Astal was one of those obscure hidden gems that was completely ignored by the public at large. It’s time SEGA allow the public another chance at playing it. Until then, I guess it can still be one of those stellar exclusives Saturn owners can be proud of. Honestly, I’d probably settle for the original being re-released via emulation, but if Guardian Heroes is getting the full HD touch up treatment, why not Astal?


7 responses to “SEGA Sequel Saturdays: Astal

  1. cyberpunknut says:

    This really should have been made into a series.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    I have no idea what this game was but your a genious for suggesting a True 2D game be converted into Digital 3D. Bless your heart!

  3. CrazyTails says:

    I played it the other day and reminded me how good SEGA was at making 2d platformers back in the day (clockwork included)

  4. The difficulty needs rk be toned down quite a but, maybe have some easier difficulty settings. I've beaten the game, and even with infinite health, beating the game was really hard. There's one boss you fight with the bird, and the bird's health in that section does not get to cheat.

  5. I was excited about this game before the system launched, but never played it. I think I read it was either too short or hard, so I skipped it. Big mistake, so I do hope they remake or re-release it.

  6. nuckles87 says:

    You can always just get it now XD.

    It IS difficult, though. Wouldn't really call it short, at least not compared to other 2D platformers of it's ilk.

  7. STORM! says:

    I love Astal, but I think he has the same powers and abilities as Knuckles. Maybe this is the main issue that made Sega forgot Astal for the eternity. He can also fly, ass seen on the opening.

    I dont know too much about the development of Astal, but I know about his creator. He has left Sega right after Astal got released, and then, managed a game store somewhere in Japan.

    The game store already has closed doors and I have never heard about him anymore…

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