New Sonic Generations Gameplay Videos

More videos from SEGA’s pre-E3 event! Is it just me, or does this game look better everytime they show more of it?

Don’t forget, we’ll be bringing you hands on impressions of the game come E3!


9 responses to “New Sonic Generations Gameplay Videos

  1. WOH! A rather long alternate path in the modern Sonic gameplay (compare it to the original released gameplay). Excited!!!

  2. I haven't been this excited for a Sonic game since Sonic Adventure. I'm sold.

  3. F-D_M says:

    MAGNIFICENT!!! I like especially the Classic Style, but all the game(at least what has been shown, basically Green Hill) makes me very excited.

  4. CrazyTails says:

    That's it guys, i'm convinced. I am actually really excited now. From the c.sonic footage all I can see is good stuff, modern gameplay is a nice addition so yeah, all my skeptisism is gone. I cannot wait to see the more complex later stages


  5. Suzuki Yu says:


    i saw some nice new touches in this build!

  6. VyseLegend says:

    The 2nd video reminds me way too much of the boring ass gameplay from Sonic Colors. Honestly I could've slept through that game. Its just too on-rails, too predictable. Even Sonic Adventure 2 was more fun. To be honest I think they just need to put the blue hedgehog to rest.

  7. upsidedown fuji says:

    Jizzed in my pants. This is the one!

    Please please please Starlight Zone!

  8. Sharky says:

    Vyse Legend I couldn't disagree any more. I found Sonic Colours to be the very best 3D Sonic game so far, I found that the wisp powers added so much fun and new abilities to the gameplay.

    I also found some of the levels to be some of the most inventive in Sonic games ever and the boss battles (bar the repeating ones) were very fun and well made.

  9. CrazyTails says:

    Yeah, honestly I don't know what you're saying either Vyselegend. The previous trailer showed a different route (the "no flaw" route) which sonic blazed through pretty quick ala sonic unleashed. I was actually glad to see that the same stage has some variation and more interaction in it. Especially with what patrick riley said, being that it'll not just be boosting, that gets me really excited for later stages.

    I won't dig m.sonic gameplay if it's just boost to win with few gameplay variation other than quick step and drifting. I mean might as well play sonic unleashed if they're gonna keep it that way since the gameplay will only feel like DEJA VU in new environments with new aestethics. I really hope to see alot of variation in m.sonic gameplay as well!!

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