Shinobi 3DS scans from latest Nintendo Power

The other game revealed in the latest issue of Nintendo Power, SEGA’s Shinobi, seems to be a 2.5D adventure with what seems to be a completely redesigned Joe Musashi, although mentioned in the article itself is that SEGA refused to give him a name so it still could be a new character. Either way, it’s obvious that the design is very much inspired from Joe’s Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master outfit. One final thing mentioned is that the game seems set for a September release date according to the article. Read on to see the full scan.

[Source: Aerosol and Effexor of Sonic Retro, thanks!]


13 responses to “Shinobi 3DS scans from latest Nintendo Power

  1. Gagaman says:

    Call me cautiously optimistic. Sounds promising in the fact that it's 2.5D and has throwbacks to the old games so it seems. Look forward to some footage of gameplay.

  2. UrameshiBR says:

    Sega, don't mess this one like they did on GBA!

  3. cube_b3 says:

    Not looking extremely exciting.

    The graphics are not impressive.

    I wish it was true 2D or True 3D right now it looks like a PS1 game.

    Gameplay sounds passable.

  4. George says:

    Game looks like your average 3DS game. So what? Graphics don't make a game. As for being 3D? No. Thank you. 2.5D is a nice way of getting a bit of both (See NiGHTS)

  5. cube_b3 says:

    2.5D is no excuse for bad 3D graphics.

  6. George says:

    This is on 3DS, you know? Can you point at a better looking 3DS game? The character models look good, the back ground not so much.

    Again, I didn't say 2.5D makes it OK for a game to have bad graphics.

  7. Sharky says:

    As I said on the forum,

    To me this looks/sounds totally awesome.

    -Design is totally enspired by Joe Musashi from Shinobi 3 + scarf and stance of Shinobi ps2… if it isn't him I'll be shocked.

    -Shurken mini game from Shinobi Arcade!

    -I see Shinobi 3 horse battle (screen)

    -I see awesome Shinobi 3 level 1 cave boss (screen)

    -I read awesome boss battles like Cyborg shark…

    -Read about platforming, (climbing water fall on falling logs!)

    -After Burner cameo… Always a good thing!

  8. CosmicCastaway says:

    This looks excellent to say the least. 😀

  9. Sega Uranus says:

    This actually sounds a lot like what I wanted from a new Shinobi. I am kind of surprised.

    Too bad about the whole 3DS thing though.

  10. Sharky says:

    Yeah if this was on a HD console with the same details I'd be a ton more excited.

    Mainly because I just don't buy handhelds… I live on a small island and rarely travel more then an hour to get anywhere. I've just no use for them…

    A HD Shinobi would be a freaking blinder…

  11. Love the style, and while I wasn't blown away immediately by the texture and polygon details, I suddenly noticed how Dreamcast-quality they appear. I think this might be decent, though I'm sure it'll get average/bad reviews cause critics don't have fun playing games anymore.

  12. TaroYamada says:

    Looks good to me, color me hopeful.

  13. Supa says:

    Sharky, according to the press release, the character is Jiro Musashi, Joe's father.

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