Binary Domain confirms Kinect support

I’m still on the edge about voice commands in video games. The reason? They never work out and are just stupid concepts. Regardless of how I feel about this, Nagoshi’s newest title will have voice commands for squad members. If you have Kinect, you will be able to use that.

Oddly enough, Playstation Eye, which also has a microphone, has not been confirmed to be supported.

[Source: Joystiq]

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6 responses to “Binary Domain confirms Kinect support

  1. Curious why you can't use a regular headset as well. I know the Xbox ones aren't much to brag about, but is the Kinect microphone really that much better if I'm across the room?

  2. George says:

    They do allow headsets. It was demoed at E3 with a headset, will also use Kinect if you want.

  3. Ah, good. I wonder if Mass Effect 3 will allow the same. They made it seem like only Kinect could give you voice commands, when it probably could've been in the series from the start.

  4. ZLoserKing says:

    The reason developers are using voice commands now are due to XNA Development (Xbox development platform) and the Kinect Array microphone.

    The XNA kit makes it easier to use voice because Microsoft takes the headache out of software voice translation for the developer. This is why just a microphone isn't sufficient. The Hardware/Software Array microphone in the Kinect also makes for a much cleaner audio sample than a headset. Put the two together and next time you swear at your game perhaps it will swear back.

  5. I've had very few (if any) problems in voice support with Kinect, so I could see this working out really well. Cool addition!

  6. Sharky says:

    I think this might end up being the selling point of the game.

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