Spiral Knights is now available on Steam

Steam has recently allowed publishers to put free-to-play titles on its store, one of the first titles? Spiral Knights.

Now you will be able to enjoy the game with the Steam overlay, that allows you to chat with friends while you game. If this wasn’t enough, SEGA has launched a Spiral Knights Steam group. Join it to meet up with other Knights and have some excellent adventures.

[Source: SEGA.Blog]


4 responses to “Spiral Knights is now available on Steam

  1. TimmiT says:

    What's also great about this is that it fully supports Steamworks. Which means it automaticly adds friends from your Steam friends list and that it has Steam achievements. You also get a free Team Fortress 2 hat for playing the game.

  2. TimmiT says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that Steam is advertising this game a lot. There's a huge banner for the game on the Steam store.

  3. TaroYamada says:

    This is rad.

  4. Last night was the first time that I noticed I was in a Haven in the double digits. Not teens either, it was in the forties… Steam was a good choice for Three Rings.

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