Rise of Nightmares gets first gameplay trailer

This game is probably the first really awesome looking game that is coming out on the Kinect. It is set to release in September of this year.

Parts of the trailer remind me of Hostel, while the other parts have The House of the Dead art style that all us SEGA fans grew up enjoying. This might not get mainstream critics hyped, but us SEGA fans are keeping an eye out on this one.


5 responses to “Rise of Nightmares gets first gameplay trailer

  1. cube_b3 says:

    WoW, that was as fucked up as they wanted it to be.

    Not Sure, about the voice over (carnivally type voice over).

  2. Robbie Rimes says:

    Wow, an on-rails first person arcade… hack and slash? Thanks Kinect, you really are expanding our horizons.

    Game looks messed up super gory and messed up. Despite it being another on-rail game for Kinect, it looks pretty awesome.

  3. Suzuki Yu says:


    this is not an on-rail game. you have full control over your character movement.

  4. Robbie Rimes says:

    Really? Trailer made it seem that way. The movement isn't like the Star Wars game where you awkwardly thrust, right? How does the movement work?

  5. Suzuki Yu says:


    stick one of your foot forward = makes you go forward

    stick one of your foot backward = makes you go backward

    rotate you upper body (shoulders) = controls the direction of your character

    raise one hand = pointer for picking or interact with any object

    raise both of your hands in front of your face = defense mode/or readying for fight

    and of course the attack motion is depending on the weapon used

    there is even an auto pilot by sticking one hand on the upper-right of the screen.

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