Segabits@E3 and Sonic Boom in Pictures!

Well, it took awhile, but I finally figured out how to put in these large pictures in without crashing the whole dang site and getting my sorry butt in trouble. Ends up I have a program that will let me resize pictures on my hard drive so FINALLY I can put up my E3 pics for all to enjoy. We’ve got the Sega booth and Sonic Boom so be sure to check out the pics by clicking the link. 56k’ers need not apply.

Ah, the Sonic Generations booth. Where Sonic was everywhere! Not only were there 3 statues dedicated to the blue blur, but Sonic himself was walking around quite a bit as well. Guh! Who’s that fat, sweaty guy he’s taking a picture with?!

The Binary Domain bots are everywhere! Luckily we had a little help.

The actual props from the Captain America movie were on display. So close you could practically smell Chris Evans sweat!

Here’s a little mini museum dedicated to Sonic merchandise inside of the Sonic Generations booth.

Internet mini-celeb Angry Joe checking out Rise of Nightmares and punching some zombies face off.

Did I mention Sonic was all over the booth this year? Yea. Here’s the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic blahblahblah booth. This year, the games were playable inside a castle replica. Cause…y’know, London. It’s all castles right?

That’s about it for SegaBits@E3! Pretty cool hunh?…………………………What’s that? Oh yeah! Sonic Boom time!

There were Sonic rings leading people up to the party. I managed to collect 50 but couldn’t find any bonus level. “Ba-Dum Kish!”

Yuji Naka and Takashi Iizuka entering the VIP area.

As Aaron Webber said “A sea of blue hats”!

Here is the cosplay contest on stage. The winners were Charmy Bee, Blaze and the Sonic on the far left. Some did an admirable job with their costumes, others just slapped on a T-Shirt and spiked their hair.

Sonic and his founding fathers surrounding his birthday cake. Sonic doesn’t look too happy about that cake. He can see that it has the derpiest of derp faces on it. “Man!” He thinks to himself. “First those stupid ice cream bars with the bubblegum eyes all off and now this! When will they ever get my face right on a dessert!”

Here’s the cast of “Needlemouse: The Musical” after their performance. Knuckles there played 3 roles during the performance. He was also the robot and classic Sonic.

Annnnd that’s all folks! Now if you’ll excuse me, George wants me to help him test this thing called a “Guillotine”? I dunno what it is, but I hope this means he’s forgiven me for messing up his site. Bye!


7 responses to “Segabits@E3 and Sonic Boom in Pictures!

  1. Awesome pics! I want me that classic Sonic statue.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    This should've been 2 seperate articles.

    The Binary Domain chick is a fail.

  3. Kori-Maru says:

    That is just awesome! I wonder if Sega is coming back to NY Comic Con again? I don't mind to do coverage again for you all back then when it was Sega Nerds.

    Sonic Boom just looks beautiful too. Arghhhh, damn college and school. You keep me away from my future goals.

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