Steam Summer Camp sale has Alpha Protocol for $5 today

If you are one of the few that have waited for this game to drop in price, I don’t think it can drop much more than $5 usd.

According to Steam, the game has a metacritic score of 72/100. We scored it about a C, so I guess that is about right.

[Source: Steam]


4 responses to “Steam Summer Camp sale has Alpha Protocol for $5 today

  1. @crackdude says:

    this game is great! Though I almost punched my cat while fighting against that dude that snorts crack

  2. Sega Uranus says:

    I really thought the game was great fun once you get past that first awful level. Very unappreciated game.

  3. Salsatuna says:

    This game is very much under appriciated. But isn’t most SEGA games under appreciated??? So this makes it a real SEGA game. It’s a great game it could have been superb with some more work on the textures. Incredible interaction and at the end this far fetch story makes sense and you will be hooked. I loved the Boss fight!! I miss that in our modern games. First boss fight –> a striker!!! wtf?! but before that a lesser boss fight but only if you didnt manage to sneak up on him and then push him from the bridge. But its true that boss fight with the Eastern European dude was EPIC. Especially if you didnt fix his coke (as in cocaine) and the 80’s music fits it so well. this game deserve an A for innovation.

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