Yuji Naka talks about his cancelled Wii game Haunted Tower

[Yuji Naka shows his troll face to Nintendo]

Nintendo had one of their ‘Iwata Asks developer round table’ things, where Iwata asks all the hard hitting questions to developers. This week they had other developers from companies that worked on Wii Play: Motion. This included Yuji Naka who represented Prope. Oh yeah, Naoto Ohshima from Arzest is also there in the picture.

Naka revealed that when Nintendo first showed MotionPlus two years ago, he pitched a game to them called Haunted Tower. The point of the game was defeating monsters, only that they would not just be on your TV screen, but also “outside the screen”.

The project was cancelled and Prope instead helped work on Wii Play: Motion. They did the mini-game called “Trigger Twist“.  How far along the game was in production is unknown, though most likely it was just in planning stages.

[Source: Siliconera]


4 responses to “Yuji Naka talks about his cancelled Wii game Haunted Tower

  1. Crazytails says:

    Yuji Naka's been doing some silly stuff lately. I still and will always respect the work he's done.

    Also what's naoto doing there?

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      Naka still has Rodea the Sky Soldier set to release, which I'm really looking forward to. Hoping it still gets a Wii release and isn't held back for the U.

    • Dr. Facepalm says:

      Oshima made a minigame for Wii Play Motion, too. Funny how Naka and Oshima coincidentally ended up working on a game together again, after so long.

  2. Trippled says:

    Oshima looks so derpy with his mouth.

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