Sonic the Hedgehog paper craft up for pre-order


Ami Ami, the largest Japanese internet figure shop, has put a new product up for pre-order. A Sonic the Hedgehog paper craft. So what do you get with the product? I assume the printed out full color high quality paper and instructions on how to assemble the figurine. They said you can make the figure above in 10 minutes without using scissors or glue.

The figure will be 11cm tall and will cost you 630 yen (About $8 USD), doesn’t include stuff like taxes or shipping and handling. It will get release mid-November. It takes time to print paper.  Yes, Ami Ami does ship world wide.

[Source: AmiAmi]
[Thanks: dhjfgh via e-mail]


2 responses to “Sonic the Hedgehog paper craft up for pre-order

  1. ShadiNeko says:

    yay. I can afford this!

    Finally can celebrate Sonic’s 20th anniversary in style. I can’t afford a $70+ figure T_T lol, and the toys are ugly.

  2. matty says:

    I have one of Hatsune Miku, but haven’t put her together, yet. Hoping I could resale it when it goes up in value.

    It’s a nice thick quality paper, so it should be pretty sturdy.

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