Reminder – Guardian Heroes is up on XBLA Today!

One of the best side scrolling games of all time has finally landed on XBLA, Guardian Heroes is a side scrolling beat’em’up with RPG elements made by the sprite masters of the 90’s, Treasure!

Guardian Heroes on XBLA has been given a HD makeover with new magic effects and online multiplayer. Best of all it will only cost you 800 Microsoft points whilst a mint condition copy of the game for Sega Saturn could set you back over $100 dollars!

It’s a freaking steal and having had it since I woke up this morning I can safely say it’s well worth the price of admission! So go on, treat yourself to a great game. Not to mention if enough interest is shown in the game Sega/Treasure has said they would like to make a sequel! DO IT!


4 responses to “Reminder – Guardian Heroes is up on XBLA Today!

  1. segaismysavior says:

    The controls of the Remix mode are making me struggle a bit, but I hope I get used to them. The remix graphics are pretty good, the spells look incredible…

    Classic mode is GREAT, in both visuals (if you don’t mind the chunky sprites) and controls. I played this as Randy and scored a 68 hit combo like it was nothing.

    My only gripes are:

    1) The animated intro is removed from playing prior to the title screen, available in the gallery, and they apparently don’t have a higher quality master of it to play full-screen without looking identical to the cinepak Saturn version

    2) No ending credits? I used to beat the game just to hear the music and see the art.

  2. batfax says:

    Man I hope this comes to PSN some time. Good thing I still have my Saturn copy though.

  3. DCGX says:

    Good to hear I wasn’t the only one struggling with the Remix controls.

  4. Body PRESS says:

    I will be sure to check this game out.

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