SEGA in the Media: Space Ghost Emerald Coast to Coast

My favorite tv show of the 90’s featuring my favorite game of the 90’s, it’s a match made… in space! On the November 11th, 1994 episode of Cartoon Network’s Space Ghost Coast to Coast, upon returning from commercials Space Ghost is caught up in a game of Sonic and Knuckles. It must have been a long commercial break, as Space Ghost has reached Hidden Palace Zone. Before cutting to Space Ghost, Zorak dances to the Sonic and Knuckles title screen theme. Just as Space Ghost is about to defeat Knuckles, he is interrupted by the guest and continues with the show.

The episode, entitled “Gum, Disease”, was released during the first season but failed to appear on the first season DVD release due to rights issues. Cartoon Network was unable to get approval from SEGA to include the Sonic scene, and guest Branford Marsalis’s contract won’t allow his face to be distributed or licensed. Thankfully, the episode is available to view online.


3 responses to “SEGA in the Media: Space Ghost Emerald Coast to Coast

  1. nuckles87 says:

    That…is sooo epic XD. I honestly had no idea that show was even around in 94. I thought it was a very late 90s thing.

  2. Lol, I just caught that SG refers to the guest Branford Marsalis as “Branford the Branford”, like “Sonic the Hedgehog”.

  3. Ikagura says:

    That’s funny

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