Achievements/Trophies for Binary Domain

The full list of Achievements/Trophies for Binary Domain has finally been revealed.  For those worried about spoilers, the full list will only be shown on the link below. But don’t worry. Half of the Achievements are secret and the rest are not major spoilers. Also, of note, more videos of this game have been shown and everything is looking better and better. I can’t wait for Febuary.

Earn all other achievements in the game. 
All Members 
Add each teammate to the party at least once.
Get onto the Grand Lancer’s head.
Spider Killer 
Destroy all of the Spider’s legs.
Destroy all enemies with the mobile gun battery.
Hit the jackpot on a vending machine.
Transport Takedown 
Destroy the Iron Whale’s four engines.
Smash Master 
Get 50 smash bonuses in Campaign.
Multi-Kill Master 
Get 50 multi-kill bonuses in Campaign.
Headshot Master 
Get 50 headshot bonuses in Campaign.
One-Shot Master 
Get 50 one-shot bonuses in Campaign.
Use first-aid kits to revive teammates 10 times.
A Friend Indeed 
Purchase nanomachines for a teammate.
Shop Master 
Access all shopping terminals.
Spend 10,000 credits at vending machines.
Assault Shooter Killer 
Destroy 100 Assault Shooters in Campaign.
Get enemies to kill each other 50 times.
Weapon Crafter 
Upgrade a weapon.
Fully upgrade one weapon category.
Data Collector 
Collect  SECURITY-COM in Campaign 
Data Retrieval Complete 
Collect all SECURITY-COM in Campaign.  
Skill Master 
Get all nanomachines within 1 playthrough in Campaign.
Rust Crew 
Clear all chapters on SURVIVOR Mode.
First Victory 
Win an online vs. match with any rule set.
Still Alive 
Clear a stage in INVASION mode.
Resistance Hero 
Clear all stages in INVASION mode.
Win an online vs. match with all rule sets.
Challenge Master 
Clear all online mode challenges.
Veteran Soldier 
Reach online level 50.

There are 21 more Achievements/Trophies but they are secret for now.




2 responses to “Achievements/Trophies for Binary Domain

  1. Barry the Nomad says:

    I know they’re the least exciting, but: woo-hoo! they have slots and vending machines! I love those little touches in action/adventure games. Reminds me of Shenmue and Yakuza. Wonder what we can buy?

  2. Sega Uranus says:

    The vending machines are pretty basic as far as I know, just weapons and health packs.

    These achievements seem pretty good, but the multiplayer ones might be annoying, especially if players do not stick around much after a few months in. I assume the other 21 are story-related with a few minor tricky ones.

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