Indie Genesis/Mega Drive Game Pier Solar Back on Sale!

Back in March I recorded an unboxing and preview of the indie RPG Pier Solar for the Genesis and Mega Drive. Initially the game released in late 2010 as a limited edition cartridge and enhanced CD for use with the SEGA CD, giving a Genesis game CD quality music. When the limited edition sold out, the developers quickly created the reprint edition. The reprint edition was in a sturdy plastic clamshell case, and featured a full color manual, as well as stickers and a poster, but lacked the CD (though the CD could easily be burned using files from the developer’s website).

After the reprint sold out, nothing was available outside of ebay auctions. But now, over ten months later, the reprint edition is back on sale and what more, there is also a snazzy soundtrack available (sold separately)! If you missed the first or second time, do not miss the third time that this game has been available! It’s a fantastic indie release, and far better a game than some official Genesis RPGs. Visit their shop here, the game is $49, and the soundtrack is $25.


One response to “Indie Genesis/Mega Drive Game Pier Solar Back on Sale!

  1. nuckles87 says:

    Man, how did I miss this?

    Yeah, I own this game. Wrote up about my first few hours. Pretty awesome shizzle.

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