Does Sega have a new game coming?…Hell Yeah!

Today, Sega announces “Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit” a new downloadable game from Arkedo Studios, the developers behind Big Bang Mini and Nervous Brickdown. The game looks to be a heavily (but comically) violent 2-D action game set in the depths of hell. Drag your mouse over to read more about this game and see an ultra violent trailer. “The rabbit is coming! You better start running!”

From the Sega Blogs

You are a devil rabbit named Ash, who also happens to be the prince of Hell and feared by all. But one individual has forgotten that. Your archenemy Fat Rabbit has posted your secret sex pictures all over the Hellternet, and that makes you seriously angry. This sucks! You want him to burn in hell, and with your hot temper you can make revenge oh so sweet. It’s you and your trusty driller alone (plus some other weapons and customization!) against everyone else. Drill your way to vengeance and explore the huge and varied world of Hell Yeah! Delving into the darkest depths of the underworld, you can ride the driller as a slaughter machine and exterminate those rude and ugly monsters by blasting and tearing them apart on your mission to get Fat Rabbit. Don’t feel bad, they all deserve to die! It’s you against all Hell, after all. It’s Hell Yeah!

Oooooh man! I cannot wait to see more of this! Here’s the trailer. Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit will be out sometime in 2012.


6 responses to “Does Sega have a new game coming?…Hell Yeah!

  1. -nSega54- says:

    Now THIS…………………looks awesome.

  2. Looks hardcore. The vehicle reminds me of Grievous’s wheel bike from Revenge of the Sith.

  3. Skateboard says:

    Well… a stupid game without meaning and depth…? Just kill for the thrill?! Totally unappealing.

  4. pso2love says:

    SEGA, this is a disgrace! Surely you can do better than this. An evil dead rabbit from hell? You guys need to fire the guy/gal that thought this was a good idea.

    • Sharky says:

      Because every game HAS to have a deep plot to be fun… We all know Pacman, Pong and Tetris set the undustry back 20 years!

      Probably why Mario or Sonic games never took… I mean PLUMER SAVES PRINCESS FROM LIZARDMAN? BLUE HEGEHOG RUNS FAST? That kind of game could NEVER take off! right?

      …Oh wait

    • Arc Christelle says:

      Well said but give him a chance to explain himself bro.

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