A less tired Jet joins us again as we talk up all the latest scuttlebutt in Sonicdom. From Sonic 4 Trailer, to Antoine’s explosive personality to more of Penders wacky hi-jinks! Make sure to listen in for a big announcement about next week’s show!

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This week’s show features…

What we’ve been up to.

The Sonic 4 gameplay trailer and videos. We discuss our thoughts on it and the crazy reactions it got in the fandom.

Sonic Monopoly is coming!

Jazwares finally producing Blaze and Rouge figures.

Sonic SATAM Hits Netflix

Penders case against Sega and EA is dismissed…for now.

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: We go into our feelings on the Storybook series of games.

COMIC TALK: Sonic #234 Antoine’s character has blown up of the course of this issue.XP

Discussion point. How is Ian handling the comic?

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