Phantasy Star Online 2 gets announced for Vita

Phantasy Star franchise mastermind Sakai has announced today that Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to Playstation Vita, in 2013. Yeah, sucks that we have to wait that long. Look at it this way, in the US we will probably wait a lot longer, since the game isn’t even announced here yet.

So the video above might not impress you graphically, but keep in mind the game is only 10% complete. That means that the 3D models, shading and other effects are set to the lowest setting. The good thing? The Vita version will play on the same servers, use the same data as the PC version. So you can buy both and pick the game up on the Vita while you ride a bus. Technology, you gotta love it.

Costumes teased to be shown in the next video.


17 responses to “Phantasy Star Online 2 gets announced for Vita

  1. ShadiNeko says:

    Seems SEGA is never gonna announce localization for this game. Time to start learning Japanese unless I want to play PSO2 in 2017

  2. djecliptik says:

    It has become apparent that this is now the biggest tease that SEGA could ever pull off in it’s entire history of marketing their products. With all these other announcements, you can pretty well guarantee that they WILL be releasing this title all over the world… just waiting on a set schedule is mind-boggling! I’m already set for the PC version, seeing as I just upgraded my graphics card not to long ago. However, this is great news for those who are also interested in the PS Vita. Yes, it is still 100% online. So the only backlash for the VITA would be having access to a broadband wireless connection… If you have that, then you’re set!

  3. djecliptik says:

    This month is going to be full of news, according to As for the future, Sakai will push production at a faster pace now so you won’t have to wait too long between tests. This month he’s going to announce some details about the Closed Beta test!

  4. matty says:

    I like how he’s walking through the office like he’s a rockstar.

  5. Radrappy says:

    this has a lot of great potential. Imagine being able to load your char into your vita for a trip or something! At this point I’m mostly just worried for the core game itself. There are times when it looks extremely shoddy/dated. Here’s hoping it’s great!

  6. SeanNOLA says:

    I wonder if this is the reason they pulled Phantasy Star Portable 2 from the PSN Store?

    Last year at e3 I was told that I “shouldn’t hold my breath” for another Phantasy Star game coming stateside, but maybe the Vita is just the push they need.

  7. -nSega54- says:

    I’m a little confused as to why they’d choose the Vita when the PS3 has a far larger userbase, especially in Japan.

  8. -nSega54- says:

    If so that wasn’t the best move, because fans of Monster Hunter almost definitely own a 3DS by this point.

    Kind of a bummer because while I very well may end up with a PS3, there’s no way I’m getting a Vita.

  9. CrazyTails says:

    Nsega i think you underestimate the handheld market in japan. Everyone knows that monster hunter was huge on the psp, this is actually a great way to take them head on around the launch of vita and it might actually work to SEGA’s advantage if the game is actually better than the new monster hunter, which I think is the case in my opinion. It’s just that monster hunter has estabelished itself way earlier than phantasy star has and hence I think this would be a good strategy

  10. Richie says:

    The reason for a vita move is cause japanesse audience is on handhelds more than consoles cause they like to play on the go , brilliant move by sega imo its garunteed to be in millions alone in japan , i still expect a west release , its bound to happen

  11. HELLO says:

    Awesome news for psvita. I do plan to buy one eventually.. Just not right now, there’s to much uncertainty with that system. Also what they showed playing on the ps vita, does not look like it couldn’t be done on the 3ds, in graphical terms anyway. Games out in 2013, who knows if they’ll also announce it for 3ds too by then.

  12. Shenmue fan says:

    I thought the reason it was coming out on PC was because consoles couldn’t handle it, and a keyboard was better suited for it’s controls. Now it’s on Vita?

    I can only dream of a 360 release…

  13. Vita is at least some news, and you can choose to play the Vita to your tV through the PS3, or something like that, right? In this way, it’s both a home console and a portable. I’d prefer a straight console release, but if I could sign in on both and keep playing the same characters, I would buy a Vita.

  14. ezodagrom says:

    @Shenmue fan: A 360 release would be awful for PSO2, because of Microsoft. Not only Microsoft doesn’t allow cross-platforming games anymore (for example, FFXIV), they charge a huge amount of money at developers for releasing patches, and patches have to go through their certification, which is a rather long process.
    Sony also has limitations in PSN, but they were willing to remove all of those limitations for a free to play MMO, it’s possible they could do the same for PSO2.

    • Shenmue fan says:

      Interesting. I guess I just want that same feeling PSO gave me on the DC…killing dragons and typing away to the wee-hours of the morning! ha.

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