Xplay features new preview for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Xplay has today previewed the upcoming (and expensive-looking) Aliens: Colonial Marines, a game that has gotten no shortage of attention, not only for its status as a sequel to the legendary Alien film franchise, but also for its lengthy development time: something quickly becoming a legend all its own.

This preview highlights some of the game’s environments, details the plot, and shows off plenty of gameplay. It’ll be interesting to see whether this becomes the hit that SEGA desperately seems to need.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is set to release (hopefully) later this year.


One response to “Xplay features new preview for Aliens: Colonial Marines

  1. Pengo says:

    Hopefully SEGA wont make a complete tit out of this game like they did with AVP, (Aliens VS Predator) in 2010. And hopefully it will actually sell as well, what is it with SEGA and their inability to market and sell their produce properly? They always seem to have that problem and always have, the only way SEGA can rise again is to finally break that cycle of failure.

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