Resonance of Fate characters to appear in Project X Zone

Seems that SEGA isn’t going to let the Resonance of Fate franchise die out just yet. In the latest Famitsu magazine (scans above) they confirm that there will be a Resonance of Fate team made up by Leanne and Zephyr. They also revealed other characters from Capcom and Namco-Bandai that will be joining the full game.

  • Alisa and Soma from God Eater franchise (Namco-Bandai)
  • Lei-Lei (aka Hsien-Ko) from the Darkstalkers franchise (Capcom)
  • Frank West from Dead Rising franchise (Capcom)

Seems that the roster will just keep growing and growing at this rate. But do you think that the Resonance of Fate franchise deserves to go first instead of a classic franchise like Phantasy Star?


6 responses to “Resonance of Fate characters to appear in Project X Zone

  1. batfax says:

    Definitely still wanting Phantasy Star. It gets left out in the cold for so many crossovers…

  2. Hitrax says:

    We already knew that Resonance of Fate chracters would feature in this, they showed it in the scans two weeks ago.

  3. stevetheman90 says:

    Phantasy star def should of been considered first. Its one of segas flagships ips. But since resonance is a newer game it make sense that sega would add it since this generation of gamers are familiar with it. Plus resonance is a pretty awesome game once the combat systems learnt.

  4. Sega Uranus says:

    Those choices were Banpresto’s, not SEGA’s. I would not expect most normal SEGA IPs to be represented at all. They are just picking stuff they like, not what makes sense or could help release the game in other regions.

  5. syazwanimator says:

    My Sega wishlist characters:

    Shenmue: Ryo & Ren
    Yakuza: Kazuma & Majima
    Skies of Arcadia: Vyse & Aika
    Phantasy Star Universe: Ethan & Karen
    Jet Set Radio: Beat & Gum
    House of the Dead: Agent G & James Taylor

  6. Skateboard says:

    Yay! Resonance of Fate is still alive!

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