Check out Sonic Drive-In’s Outrun inspired commercial

If you guys heard the latest Swingin’ Report Show, you probably heard me talk about this Sonic Drive-In advert. Look at that, a great nod to Outrun. I love this sort of stuff. Maybe Barry is right, maybe they just want to be bought out by SEGA.

Would you guys eat more at Sonic Drive-In if it was SEGA themed?


4 responses to “Check out Sonic Drive-In’s Outrun inspired commercial

  1. ??? says:

    What a fitting name too

  2. Ataro says:

    Having the actual Sonic there would be too cliche, wouldn’t it?

    • pso2love says:

      If SEGA were actually serious about it, I would definitely say that they should consider having Sonic Drive-In SEGA themed. I would definitely eat there more often! XD However, they should also consider adding an Organic menu as well;D

  3. Awesome! You found it! Really great commercial.

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